Grundstück zu kaufen in Guimarei, Portugal

195.000 €
Guimarei, Rua de Guimarei

Grundstück • Ref: ZMPT530723

Property ID: ZMPT530723

Construction land with 4600 m2 located in a quiet residential area.

Flat terrain with great sun exposure and unobstructed views.
Possibility of construction of detached housing, townhouses or semi-detached houses.

The land faces Guimarei Street and Portela Street in Guimarei, Santo Tirso.

In the vicinity the occupation is predominantly housing in buildings like housing, near the church of Lamelas.
In the surroundings there is offer of commerce, services and equipment (schools, kindergartens, restaurants, supermarkets...)
A mere 700m from the national 105.

Main features:

- fruit trees (walnut and chestnut trees);
- fence wall of the property;
- flat ground;

Points of interest:

- 400m from the Parish Council of Lamelas;
- 500m from the space to do sports (lamelas sports poly);
- 500m from the restaurant (restaurant O António.);
- 750m from Auto Monteiro (car stand);
- 800m from prio service station (fuel supplier);
- 950m from the pharmacy;
- 1km from The Veiga do Leça Health Center;
- 1km from car wash, GoodWash;
- 1km from Grocery Store Supermarket;
- 1.7m from Restaurant 7 Crumbs;
- 6 km from Santo Tirso;
- 7Km from GNR (Territorial Post of Santo Tirso;

Transport and access:

- 700m bus stop from Pacense;
- 13.8km from the Access of the A7;
- 7km from the Access of the A3;

Municipal Master Plan:

This land is classified in the MDP of Santo Tirso as Housing Space type III.
Subsection III Housing Space type III
Article 62 Identification The type III Housing Space comprises most of the agglomerates that constitute the basis of the municipal urban network, with a predominantly housing occupation in housing-like buildings.
Article 63 Uses and typologies This space is preferably intended for housing in isolated buildings, semi-finalor in continuous band, and the installation of other activities, in its own parcel or in a multi-functional building, namely commerce, services, equipment, tourist enterprises, exhibition venues and public entertainment, industrial or storage establishments and catering and beverages, is also permitted, provided that its compatibility with the housing function is guaranteed.
Article 64 Urban indicators 1. In the Housing Space type III the construction capacity is determined by the waterproofing index, the number of floors and compliance with the applicable regulatory clearances. 2. The soil waterproofing index for the Type III Housing Space is 60% of the total area of the building. 3. The maximum number of floors above the solow dimension is 3, being to admit 1 or more floors below the sland quota, provided that they do not imply an increase in the height of the facades that may impair the urban relationship with the buildings and surrounding spaces and the landscape integration. 4. Exceptions to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, in situations of colmatação of the consolidated urban network, are permitted, where due to urban integration, respect must be ensured for the alignments, techniques or depth of construction of existing contiguous buildings, or in specific cases of special architectural solutions, authored by an architect, expressly grounded, which contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of the surrounding urban space, pursuit of any of the objectives set out in this Plan or another Territorial Management Instrument. in Regulation of the Municipal Master Plan of Santo Tirso, 1st revision, p. 28

Areas and indexes:

- land area: 4600,00m2;
- maximum building index defined by regulatory clearances to the property limit, floor ing and waterproofing index;
- waterproofing index 60%;
- maximum number of floors above the sland size: 3 (being to admit 1 or more floors below the sland size, provided that they do not imply an increase in the height of the facades that may impair the urban relationship with the buildings and surrounding spaces and the landscape integration)

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Grundstück/Bauland4600 m²

Rua de Guimarei, Guimarei

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