Grundstück zu kaufen in Monte Gordo, Portugal

1.480.000 EUR

Monte Gordo

Grundstück • Ref: 2021095 (0519067297)

Mixed land with a land area of 24,070 m2 on the N125 road next to the Monte Gordo roundabout. Land with an existing construction, being feasible its reconstruction, alteration and expansion of existing buildings, up to a total of 300 m2 for housing purposes, including the existing area, 500 m2 for other purposes, and 2000 m2 for tourism unit in rural space, according to the declaration of feasibility issued. The land is located in an area of great movement and its most extensive area is next to The National 125 and leaning against the roundabout of access to Monte Gordo. Learn more and better with us.

Monte Gordo

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