Gebäude zu kaufen in Valencia, Spanien

3.750.000 EUR


Gebäude • 1254 m² • Ref: D2010004

Historical palace for sale in the heart of Valencia City Spain. Located in one of the most noble and privileged areas of Valencia in the Xerea district, surrounded by representative buildings occupied by public and private entities. It has access through three different streets, the main being a semi-pedestrian street. In the area there are also restaurants, shops and five star hotels in historical buildings Currently is distributed in 30 rooms and 9 bathrooms. It has a total area of 1,253.44 m + 297.07 m (private internal terraces) We have a complete dossier of the building, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.We are able to assist with all aspects of property restoration, dealings with local authorities and planning. (For references and images of our previous property restorations , please contact us) As always, client testimonials openly available. BUILT SURFACES MAESTRES + ESCUELAS DEL TEMPLE MAESTRES Ground Floor: 214,25 m2 First floor : 214,25 m2 Second floor: 187,69 m2 + 25.90 m2 (terraze) Third floor : 101,11 m2 + 52.33 m2 (terraze) Top floor 16.11 M2 + 74.90 m2 (terraze) TOTAL: 733,41 m2 + 153.13 (terraze) ESCUELAS DEL TEMPLE Ground Floor110.78m2 First floor : 34.61m2 + 76.39m2 (terraze) TOTAL: 145.21m2 + 76.39m2 (terraze) Ground Floor: 122.18 m2 First floor: 118.50 m2 Second floor:: 118.50 m2 Top floor : 15.64 m2 + 67.55 m2 (terraze) TOTAL: 374.82m2 + 67.55 m2 (terraze) TOTAL MAESTRES + ESCUELAS DEL TEMPLE 1.253,44 + 297,07 (terraze)


Lebend1254 m²
Grundstück/Bauland297 m²


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