Shop zu vermieten in Custóias, Leça do Balio und Guifões, Matosinhos

350 €
Leça do Balio

Geschäft • 1 Bad. • 47 m² • Ref: LA-124601436-10

Description Store for rent in the League Standard. Come set up your business in a central area, very busy and surrounded by housing besides having a rich trade around you, which guarantees a lot of public around you. If your business is a clothing store, this store has already put a counter, shelves and many storage. It serves and very well, too, as an office. The store has laminated glass. Come visit, call me. License of Use: no. 37 / 1988 Conditions of Arredamento In the signing of the lease agreement: payment of two rents + a security income (security that will be returned at the end of the contract) Receipt of the last 3 IRS maturities and respective settlement note Identification documents Identification of the guarantor Receipt of the last 3 maturities of the guarantor Housing License




Lebend47 m²
Intern47 m²

Leça do Balio

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