Colombo Shopping Center - Gewerbeflächen mit großem Potenzial Coworking oder Ähnliches

450.000 EUR


Gewerbliches Gebäude • 522 m² • Ref: 368193da-0099-4b33-bd1d-4f4a23d0b5d8

Golden Visa OPPORTUNITY! Located near the Hospital da Luz | Colombo Shopping Center, and near the best road accesses in Lisbon: - 2ª Circular (2 minutes) - Airport (7 minutes) - Eixo Norte Sul (4 minutes) - IC 19 (2 minutes) - Av Lusiada (1 Minute) - Marques de Pombal (9 minutes) - Entrecampos (8 minutes) - Sete Rios (5 minutes) - Praça de Espanha (5 minutes) - Amoreiras (9 minutes) METRO - Colégio Militar Station With potential for different types of business, such as Coworking, similar or others, Total area of 522m2, on 3 levels, as follows: - Floor 0 - 22 m2 - Basement - 250 m2 - Sub basement - 250m2 It has a space where it is possible to install an Elevator or Independent Cargo Mount, with access from the entrance on Floor 0, and to the Sub.Cave, thus allowing the development of any Commercial, Logistics, Sport, or Health activity, since there is a reserved access to the fraction where it is possible to park at the door, thus facilitating the entry and exit of users, with or without reduced mobility, or possibly the parking of a heavy vehicle, for loading and unloading. The space has independent interior stairs, which connect the 3 floors of the Fraction, in addition to the existing ones as a common part of the building. The basement's natural lighting is provided through windows located at the level of the sidewalk, located on the main facade facing east, guaranteeing great light to the space. The sub-basement has natural ventilation, and for that reason the space is dry, without any sign of humidity. OBS: Presentation of Coworking Project developed for the space.


Parkplätze (draußen)3


Lebend522 m²
Grundstück/Bauland280 m²
Intern522 m²
Gesamt522 m²


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