Four Leased Stores - Guaranteed Investment

379.000 €


Geschäft • 316.2 m² • Ref: 48364d57-508b-424d-a67b-baa3678ce89c

Four stores with a total area of 316.20 m² in Alto Rhodes. All leased and with active businesses. Fraction P has 77m² where there is an aesthetics office - it has a shop window; the fraction Q with 90m² is leased for an office and also has a shop window; in fraction S, which has 79.20 m², there is a café-patisserie, it has two fronts with shop windows; and finally in the fraction T with 70m² there is a small supermarket, a corner and four windows. Quiet area, close to Jardim do Montinho. Sold together with great profitability.


Lebend316.2 m²
Grundstück/Bauland628 m²
Intern316.2 m²


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