Wohnung zu kaufen in Burgos, Spanien

156.000 €


Wohnung • 2 Zimmer • 2 Bett. • 2 Bad. • 96 m² • Ref: 18

"The walls of Burgos were in the Middle Ages a source of pride for the city.Its construction from S.XIII concluded in an enclosure with 12 access doors.One of them, the Puerta de Barrantes, gives its name to the homonymous street that starts in what was the old access to the Jewish quarter of medieval Burgos. Although centuries later that old door had to be knocked down, that layout still survives in the street where today we present a ground floor that is in the process of being reformed. Close to the hustle and bustle and the center of a city that in this specific place seems submerged in the tranquility of a time that now seems distant and different to us, the space that we present to you today is being reformed to turn it into a home that will enjoy all the privileges of the expensive area in which it is located.Tranquility and calm, the banks of the Arlanzón and the Paseo de la Isla, the flavor of the old city and the serenity of a part of noble Burgos that will always win over the years. So far from urbanizations and flats in series and without personality.So close to the singularity of being unique and different. I have always known that one day I would return to this street to tell a personal story that is linked to the place that gave life and soul to so many books within those four walls. That summer the sun took to shine on high every day, without rest and without giving us respite.We walked calmly, sheltered by the shadow of the old wall that forms the Paseo de los Cubos.Arriving at the Salesas church, in front of the old Barrantes Hospital, something caught my attention.It was not only the beauty of the privileged environment that surrounded us.The tower of the neogothic church on one side and in front of it the building of the old hospital formed a perfect entrance garnished on both sides by the shade of the trees that trace Barrantes street.But there was something more. We continue towards the old Hotel Infanta Isabel, in Plaza Castilla.We wanted to enjoy a beautiful morning taking a walk along the riverbank. However, that monotonous and intoxicating sound caught my attention. Dad noticed, and without saying a word he led me to the source of that noise. Before I reached the door, the smell of fresh ink flooded my senses.Through the windows I could see how the machines stacked sheet after sheet without rest.It smelled of good, wonderful freshly printed paper, bound.A clean white reams, sewn, glued.It smelled like a new book.Since then I have not stopped appreciating the smell that some books give off when they are opened for the first time.And it is that in that old place, somehow my future love for books was awakened.Because there, in what today will become the home that some lucky person will be able to enjoy in the future, a printing press was located.A magical place full of plates, paper and ink that gave rise to so many stories. When I walk through this beautiful part of the city, I recover sensations and memories that take me back to that authentic time. And it is the value of the authenticity of this site that the future buyer of this space has to appreciate.Because if you've come this far, you'll want to know what that future home is going to be like. In plan 1, the design gives rise to 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a desk area for teleworking, a living-dining room, a kitchen and a unique English patio, private and just for you.Imagine it full of plants and garlands, with a table and chairs.A wonderful place to unwind. Plan 2 is perfect for a liberal professional.Being on the ground floor this may be the place you were looking for.Work next to your house. If you think this place is for you and you want more details or really feel the magic of a unique place, call us. You should not miss the opportunity to live in a space with so much history."




Lebend96 m²


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