Gebäude zu verkaufen, in Villanueva del Rosario, Provinz Malaga

400.000 €
Villanueva del Rosario

Gebäude • 458 m² • Erdgeschoss • Ref: EXP02024

Building for sale, in Villanueva del Rosario, province of Malaga. Divided into a ground floor and an upper floor, the ground floor has been used for the production and sale of bakery and pastry products. And on the first floor with another access as an office and warehouse. ~ Being in a privileged and commercial location of the town, we have a feasibility report for investors who are interested in the construction of 2 floors in each of the facades, since it has a facade on two streets: Avenida Juan de Molina and C- Sevilla, having between it an approximate difference of one floor and a length between them (building area) of 25.72ml, being able to build two floors on each of the facades. ~ ~ The plot is divided into two parts: ~ ~ Private garden access area. (Sup.= 150m2. Setback= 9.33m) ~ ~ Building area. (Sup.= 424m2. Building plot depth= ​​25.72m)~ ~ MAXIMUM BUILDING AREA ALLOWED: ~ ~ - BASEMENT FLOOR: Access through Avda. Juan de molina. S= 424m2 ~ ~ - GROUND FLOOR: Avda. Juan de Molina S= 424m2. ~ ~ - FIRST FLOOR (Lower C- Seville): Avda. Juan de Molina S= 424m2.~ ~ - SECOND FLOOR (First C- Seville): Avda. Juan de Molina S= 320m2. ~ ~ Total maximum permitted built area:~ ~ - Basement parking S= 424m2 ~ ~ - House S= 1,168m2 ~ ~ Note: The total built area of ​​the plot will depend on the design of the houses, the data above is the result of applying the urban planning regulations in force in numbers round, to get the exact numbers, a topographical survey and the benefits-program of needs that the future buyer wants are necessary. Other possibilities are to restore the building or to segregate it into 2 plots. For a guided tour, contact the Real Estate Agency and we will organize a visit on the day and time that best suits you, including weekends (by appointment). ~ ~ Purchase expenses not included: Notary, Property Registry and Property Transfer Taxes.~ ~ Discover Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga) you will fall in love! ~ (Spain – Andalusia – Málaga – Villanueva del Rosario) ~ ~ Villanueva del Rosario is located at the foot of the Sierra de los Camarolos and el Jobo, a beautiful and quiet town in a natural environment, for those who seek to rest, relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy of the nature. If you want to have a second home to enjoy your holidays, weekends, or if you are thinking of completely changing your lifestyle, moving from the city to a town, don't think twice, Villanueva del Rosario is an ideal place to those people who seek tranquility but need to have all the services nearby. It is also a short distance from the main cities of Andalusia, 40 km from Malaga and close to other cities: 85 km from Granada and 135 from Córdoba. Get to know Villanueva del Rosario and fall in love with its natural environment and its charms, streets that you can walk without being overwhelmed by visitors, butcher shops and artisan bakeries, a very professional hospitality industry where you always find very welcoming gatherings, in short, an ideal place to leave hang out


Räume mit Toilette1
Garagen (drinnen)1


Lebend458 m²
Grundstück/Bauland574 m²

Villanueva del Rosario

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