Ihr Shop im renovierten Raum 7 Rios!

1.547 €

Geschäft • 1 Zimmer • 1 Bett. • 77.33 m² • Ref: 658a256e-bb41-45c9-a366-9e59ab4c5374

Store with 77.33 m2, inserted in the renovated space 7 Rios, located in the Twin Towers Building, at the end of Av. José Malhoa, in the city center of Lisbon. The Twin Towers Building includes a large number of housing fractions, as well as an office center with several companies already in operation, which can now also enjoy the trade of Espaço 7 Rios and thus create the dynamics necessary for the development of your business. Several hotels and businesses are located nearby, as well as all kinds of transport. If you are looking for the ideal space for your business, be sure to know Espaço 7 Rios. Stores available with areas between 35 and 800 m2, see here the one that best suits your business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypVNP1BhENAfeature=youtu.be NOTE 1: According to the planning of Espaço 7 Rios, preference will be given to businesses and services that may be an asset for the housing and office fractions that already integrate the Twin Towers Building: Hairdressers/shoemakers/keys/health/decoration/clothing/footwear/tobacconists/goldsmiths, among others... NOTE 2: The interventions that may be carried out inside the stores, will be subject to approval by the entity owner of Espaço 7 Rios.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NOTE 3: The income values shown, VAT is added at the rate of 23%, as well as the value of 2,70€ + VAT per m2, for the maintenance of the common spaces of Espaço 7 Rios. Note 4: The operation of the stores will be carried out through contracts for the use of the space.




Lebend77.33 m²
Intern77.33 m²


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