Grundstück zu kaufen in Cabanelas, Portugal

70.000 €
Cabanelas, Rua do Urgal

Grundstück • Ref: ZMPT552807

Identificação do imóvel: ZMPT552807

Urban Land with 636 m2 in Cabanelas - Vila Verde


Situated on the bank of the Cávado river in the parish of Cabanelas, it is located in the northwestern part of the county, about 14 km from the center of the city of Braga.


- Total area: 636.0 m2

- Implantation area: 200,0 m2

- Gross construction area: 200,0 m2

- Gross dependent area: 50,0 m2

Points of Interest:

- Intermarché Prado - 9 minutes

- JI/EB1 de Cabanelas - 2 minutes

- Costa Macedo Pharmacy - 10 minutes

- Sininho Pastry Shop - 4 minutes

- Prado Fishing Track - 7 minutes

- Brewery and Restaurant Manjar do Mar - 7 minutes

- Fluvial Beach of Merelim São Paio - 10 minutes

- Rocha Pharmacy - 8 minutes

- Veterinary Clinic of Prado - 8 minutes

- Ciclovia do Cávado - 9 minutes

- Santiago Tavern - 10 minutes

- Picnic Park - 1 minute

- Fluvial Beach of Faial - 9 minutes

- Club of Shot Bracara Augusta - 7 minutes

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Grundstück/Bauland636 m²

Rua do Urgal, Cabanelas

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