Öko-Resort-Projekt, Alcácer do Sal

9.000.000 €
Alcácer do Sal, Setubal

Grundstück • Ref: 55FJPT

A unique opportunity. Plot with 30 hectares, located in one of Portugal's most beautiful settings, surrounded by greenery, the Sado River, the historical town of Alcácer do Sal, and the idyllic beaches of Comporta. This tourist development comprises a built-up area of two hectares, including a hotel with 30 autonomous studios, 46 semi-detached villas, and 15 detached villas, totaling 91 residential units. The region of Alcácer do Sal features a number of gems, such as the famous beaches in Comporta, the biodiversity of the Sado Estuary, and the Carrasqueira stilt pier. With a history spanning more than 800 years, the region is steeped in Moorish, Roman and Christian elements, such as Alcácer Castle. This could be a unique project for any investor who wants to build a successful future.

Setubal, Alcácer do Sal

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